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Daughter of musicians, Rhéa Shirudo was born in the North of France in 1983.

She embraced early the artistic life by becoming a singer and author, trying various instruments and dance.

In an attempt to "get into line", Rhéa abandoned art to become a lawyer clerk for many years; she was caught up in creativity by discovering photography and becoming a photo model and living model.

Rhéa self-taughted in photography when one of her photographers sold her his camera, and quickly decided to make her passion her job.

For the past 5 years, she has been working as a photographer, mainly with private individuals, which gives her every day the opportunity to express her deep empathy and her love for others. Mother of two sons and a baby girl born lifeless, Rhéa has not given up her artistic work, which she uses mainly on herself with the technique of self-portraiture.

Her work presented here is born of the loss of the child and its consequences on life, body and self-esteem. Inspired by life and its lot of pitfalls to create, Rhéa is currently working on Charcot's disease and confinement in the body, and plans to join video, photography and sculpture techniques.