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"Imagination takes control !"
This was the cry of a revolutionary May 68.
On May 2, 1968, the University of Nanterre rises against imperialism, Pompidou announces the arrival of the TV commercial, and Kris MoOg is born.
It will take many years for him to return his creative dreams as a young man; A decision-making computer engineer, Kris evolves between consumerist circles and free artists, knowing where his heart is, that is to say the opposite of his education.
He left his job to study at the Beaux-Arts in the city of Paris, and dreamed of being a sculptor. Creating with matter, renovating the remains of our history becomes its goal. The body in its complexity, its permanent mobility, fascinates him. He enrolled in "Living Model" sculpture workshops and photographed the models he later sculpted. The tool becomes passion, and photography takes all the space.
Perfectionist and technician in the soul, Kris works as a studio assistant for several years, learning to illuminate the still life and developing a knowledge of light that responds to its acute aesthetic sense.
At 50 years old, Kris MoOg is still photographing and always enjoys the lifestyle choice he has made. Through his artistic series, he expresses his beautiful masculine / feminine ambivalence, he reveals the pure and asexual sensuality of men and women and tries to give us access to his more beautiful world, where the skin is not object of desire but shuddering matter, where utopia is not a dream but a choice.