Jean-François Spricigo is a 38 years old photographer, which artistical work reflects its thirst of variety and of creation.
Supported mainly by worldwide known artists as Antoine d’Agata et Anne Biroleau when he began, It was Guy Jouaville who noticed him at first and chose to exhibit his creations at the National Scene of the Paris in Tarbes on 2004. At this time, the young man was only 25 and was starting various projects using photography, writing and filming.

His strenght resided deeply in his capacity to be as polyvalent as being versatile.
Born and educated in Tournai (Belgium) at the St Luc Institute, he then moved to Bruxellesto study cinema at the INSAS. After that, he succeeded to get into the Cours Florent in Paris, where he performed dramatic arts for one year.
His spent his whole career practicing different kinds of arts, trying to blend movement and immobility through his pictures without ever forgetting his burning passions for literature and music.

To illustrate his love for them, he enjoyed to quote Thoreau and Bref as his lifelong companions and often honored music thanks to the name he gave to his exhibits. His meeting with Agathe Gaillard in 2008 lead to him exposing his work in her gallery and also at the International Fine Arts Fair. . It is a great year for him, winning prizes at the Belgium Fondation of Vocation and the Marc Ladreit de la Charrière Price at the Academy of Beaux Arts as well, thanks to his series of pictures named “Anima” .
In his magazine « La Revue des deux Mondes », in which Spricigo’s portfolio was published, Robert Delpire wrote : « If animals are not the unique theme in his visual art, they are still part of his constant quest of the right picture, one that is not made to describe or to illustrate words but created as a proof of real consideration, empathy and emotion for these beings.” Gliding between poetry and fantasy, his photographs are scared by blurs, marks and imperfections.
Using them instead of avoiding them, he seems to transcend randomness into beauty.

In 2014, he presented “Toujours l’Aurore”, one of his most famous exhibition, at the Cent Quatre Paris. In its work, he combined black and white and soft coloured pictures, adding even a movie he made and for which Alexandre Araud composed the music. This work was selected as a praised part of the Month of Photography.
This work was selected as a praised part of the Month of Photography and a book was even published for the occasion, gathering his texts and his pictures..

Since then, and thanks to his polyvalence and variety of skills, he is now artistically and officially associated with the gallery.

Spirigo directed a few music videos (Albin de la Simone, Jean-Louis Murat…) as well as some talkshows for France Culture, and is still constantly pursuing his quest of making art reflecting his deepest nature, mixing scraps of reality with his own vibrant and delicate universe.