Philippe LITZER


"The photographer is the one who sees what others watch without seeing"

Philippe Litzler followed Allan Porter's lessons - the editor-in-chief of the legendary magazine Camera - at a very young age at the University of Bâle. This was decisive for his choices, both editorial and photographic. He specialized in street photography and he conceives his images as caricatures of our society.

He has been editor and editor in chief of numerous photo magazines (PHOTO SUISSE, Revue Suisse de Photographie, Ciné-Photo-Expert, Photo Sélection, France Photographie). He has also given numerous conferences throughout France on photography, seeking to awaken the artistic sense of each participant.

For a few years he has been offering seminars on photography, especially on the work of author, image analysis and of course the emergence of new talents.

Always in search of what is decisive in photography, Philippe Litzler is the new editor in chief of the artistic and digital magazine "OPENEYE, le regard d'aujourd'hui sur la photographie", which has just started on the Net.