Visual Arts Instructor & "Hérisson" in chief

Since the beginning of her studies, Bessie Baudin was difficult to put in a case. In audio-visual BTS editing, she walked as well the trays of the video operators as the mounting benches, handled both the camera and the electrical wiring...

At the end of 2009, Bessie Baudin plunges into the real world moving in Paris. She goes on filming and specializes in lighting. The training editor goes on the electro plateau side. Short films and clips, as well as a feature film, follow one another. There is only one step to go to photography.

At the end of 2013, the first orders came : production of commercials, editing of documentaries, photographic works... In the same year, Bessie gathered all her talents and her experiences in the service of a crazy project, supported by a volunteer team who was adept of the system D : "Allégories, Les Tableaux Photographiques". This photographic series will gather all his pictorial and literary influences, as well as his technical knowledge. Each photo will bring together a team equivalent to one of a film shoot and will require a preparation of several weeks. The series, worn for 2 years, will be a great success.

After several years, spent between fundraising, historical research and coordination of teams to give life to ambitious photographic projects, but also precarious jobs to ensure periods without orders, Bessie Baudin changes strategy. She plays the risky card of freelance in the field of image. This will be the birth of a new collaboration with a technician and director of photogrphy for several years on his artistic projects : Gilles Capelle.

And the bet becomes a win when the "Cité du Cinéma" contacts her for prestigious providers. The images and animations orders follow one another. This recognition is also reflected in the many schools that today ask Bessie to share her knowledge with those who, perhaps, will one day take over. Thus, she goes from school to school, in option audiovisual cinema, to teach future graduates how to structure their project and prepare their shoot in the manner of the professionals. Thanks to photographer Serge Assier, renowned godfather with exciting "Correspondances" with famous writers, Bessie Baudin exposes her series "Chamanes" in July 2017 as part of the "Festivités libres des rencontres de la photographie d'Arles".

Following this rewarding experience, she decided to create an association, "Le Collectif du Hérisson", to gather and promote many photographic artists. The first action of this association is therefore naturally in Arles, where the project was born, and is already considering extending into other events and other localities...

Adventure to follow!